Attention all team members and bracket racers, we are excited to announce that with the Team Races completed we still want to make sure you have a place to race! So the mini points series is going to be a simplified version of the Team Race. The rules, dates and pricing for the series are as follows- Let's all practice for the E.T. Finals in Las Vegas October 7th - 9th, 2016! Go Team Tucson!

AWIC Winter JR Series Points

Mini Points Series Rules

Breakage Rule: Please contact your Team Captain ASAP!
If your race vehicle breaks during qualifying only, you may tech and enter another vehicle as long as that vehicle is not already in competition. You must dial your ET within your class. If no alternate vehicle is available you may request a refund of the entry fee. Gate and crew fees are nonrefundable. Any show up and/or qualifying points will also be forfeited.

Classes: When you sign up for the series, you must choose and designate a class or classes to earn your points. If you wish to change your class during the series, you will lose your round points and qualifying points for that class. You will only be able to keep your show up points and transfer into the new class you are joining.

High School Class: The High School Class will run with the Sportsman (Street) class during the 2016 series but must stay within the NHRA Summit ET High School Rules. Please refer to the NHRA Rule Book for all class rules . Your points will be kept separate as to determine our track champion. For the ET Finals, the High School class can run in sportsman on Saturday, however, on Sunday it will be its own class (Top Five). Minors that are 16 & 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign a wavier of release at the first event.  A minor drivers card will be issued to the driver for future events.

Qualifying Points: Please only run when your class is called. If you run out of your class during qualifying, your qualifying points will be forfeited.  Running in order will help expedite the program as well as maintain accurate qualifying points and eliminations ladder. Please run in your own class at all times when called to the lanes.

Ties: Points will be tallied throughout the year for a final points champion in each class. In the event of a tie (1st tiebreaker) competitor with the most event wins will be the winner/Champion. (2nd tiebreaker). Most Runner Up Finishes (3rd tiebreaker). Most Semi Final Finishes ( 4th tiebreaker). Most Head to Head Wins (5th tiebreaker). Best two out of three run off if needed.

Dial-In: You must stay within your index for the class that you signed up for. If you DIAL out of your class index at any time during eliminations and win, you will be disqualified and your competitor will be reinstated. Each competitor will be responsible for checking the scoreboards for his/her dial in. If your "dial in" on the board is not correct, DO NOT STAGE your car. Get the starters attention to make the necessary corrections. Once you stage, you have excepted the dial in for that round. Win or lose, the run will stand.

Staging Lanes: Once in the staging lanes, lane changing or swapping is not permitted. When you are at the ready line area and your dial-in has been called to the tower, the two vehicles are now set as a pair.

Bye Runs: First round bye run will be determined by the driver with the best reaction time during all qualifying runs. Second round bye run will be determined on a ladder by the racer who was the closest to their dial in round one of eliminations. The driver that has earned the bye run will pair with the last car in line only if there is an even number of cars that round. Otherwise will take their legal bye run.

Cross Talk: Super Pro (box, electronic) class only. If you do not want Cross Talk please put an ā€œNā€ for NO behind your dial. Otherwise cross talk will be activated.

Re-Runs: In the event of a re-run, both competitors will stay in the same lane as the previous run. dial ins me be changed. 

Courtesy Staging: Is not required but recommended.

Deep Staging: Vehicles must be marked on all four sides with DEEP on their windows. The starter will not wait or hold up your competitor for a deep staging process. It is marked as a courtesy to the starter and your competitor. 

Taillights: One functional, operating taillight is mandatory at and after sunset from starting line to finish line during a pass. A burned out bulb is not functional or operating. This rule is for safety and will be strictly enforced. The use of LED bulbs or lights is highly recommended. Flashing, blinking or strobe lights are prohibited.



Race #1 - September 3rd - Gates Open at 4pm - Tech Opens at 5pm -  Track Hot at 7pm
Race #2 - September 24th - Gates Open at 4pm - Tech Opens at 5pm -  Track Hot at 7pm
Race #3 - November 19th - Gates Open at 8am - Tech Opens at 8am -  Track Hot at 10am

1st Place:
Super Pro: $1,000
Pro: $750
Sportsman: $200
Motorcycle: $200

2nd Place:
Super Pro: $400
Pro: $300
Sportsman: $100
Motorcycle: $100

Fees for your 2016 Team Tucson Season

Crew: $15.00
Spectator: $10.00
Kids 12 & Under are Free

Super Pro: $80 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 7.00 to 12.25
Pro: $60 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 9.00 to 14.25
Sportsman: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 12.00 to 20.25
High School: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 12.00 to 20.25
Motorcycle: $40 - Index for 1/4 Mile: 7.50 to 16.25
JR Dragster: $30 - Index for 1/8 Mile:

Points System: Please Keep Track of your points! We will "Keep Score" and post the points standings. Please discuss any discrepancies with team captain, Tom Payton.

50 Points for Show and Tech of your Race Vehicle.
100 Points for Each Round. You must pass the front of staging line.
100 Points Extra for the Winner.