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Cactus Clash Details!

Cactus Clash is September 2nd - 4th right here at Tucson Dragway! Check out the event flyer here! Check out more info below!

Keep your calendars clear for Labor Day weekend. We will have our third annual Footbrake Challenge race on Saturday September 3rd along with the High School/Jr. Street shootout.

Bill Kidd had an idea for a different type of race for Sunday September 4th. We are going to have a team challenge race. Below are the details. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Three SEPARATE classes will be contested. Bottom bulb, Top bulb and Jr. dragsters. All classes will be contested 1/8 mile.

A team will consist of five team members. We will chip draw for positioning on the ladder (sportsman ladder)for first round pairings.

Once paired, each team will present their roster to the race director and those teams will race each other. The first team to win 3 out of the 5 pairings will move on to the next round. The cool thing is even if you lost your pair but your team wins, the entire team moves on until we have two teams left and they will race for the Team Challenge championship.

Every racer will get two hits before the team competition starts. FAQ's

Can we be on more than one team? Yes, as long as it is in a different category (I.E. one team in bottom bulb and one in Top Bulb)

If my team wins the first three pairings, do pairs four and five still get to run? Yes all five pairs will race every round.

Will True Start and Crosstalk be used? Yes, all the normal rules per class will be utilized.

Team fees: $500 per team ($100 per driver) Gate fee $40 per driver Purse: 70% winning team 30% second place team

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