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Freiburger announces Duct Tape Drags at Tucson Dragway!

Check it out! Our good friends David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan have a special announcement for our new event October 1st and 2nd, right here at Tucson Dragway, The Duct Tape Drags! MotorTrend has cancelled the Zip-Tie Drags and is NOT affiliated with the event. It will include a cruise from the Los Angeles area on Friday, and bonfire and beer that night. On Saturday there’s low-buck drags, grudge drags, Freiburger’s cars on track, a car show, and the usual fun! Don’t miss this cool giveaway! Freiburger and Finnegan autographed some rolls of Duct Tape and left them on the shelf at The Walmart at Houghton Road and The I-10! Go find them, buy them and tag us in your post with what you bought! Tickets will be sale on soon!

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