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Local Racers & Businesses Support Junior Racers!

We are so humbled to announce that a group of Local Racers and Businesses have stepped up sponsored ALL of our Team Tucson Junior Racers! Each of the Racers, Businesses and Race Teams below have committed to sponsoring at least one racer, if not multiple for the entire 2021 Race Season!

Luceri Racing, Hops Sports Grille, Brian Stephenson, Vortex Broadhead, Harrison Performance & Tuning, Mark Pelkey, Curtis & Theresa Zinziletta, Zaragoza Family Racing, Robert Jackson, Alan Sylvester, Pat Marback, Tucson Turbo Buick, Paul Coleman, Larry H. Miller Dodge/Ram of Tucson, Lee Brother's Automotive, Bert's Electric & Plumbing, Pesquirea Family & Friends, Tucson Dragway Junior Program, Hawk Speed & Custom, Little Big Inch Pipeline, Business Accounting & Management!

We are so proud of our Tucson Community for stepping up to support these Junior Racers. These kind people have now allowed these racers' parents to focus on their cars and racing rather than all of the finical aspect of race entries!

From all of us at Tucson Dragway, Thank you!

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