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Street Outlaws Farmtruck & AZN Takeover!

FTucson Dragway hosted Farmtruck and AZN from TV's Discovery Channel Show Street Outlaws! This event called Farmageddon was great for the fans and community!

The guys came in a day early to celebrate Veterans Day with the Soldiers at Ft. Huachuca. There they met with the men and women fighting to protect our freedoms and were shown a surveillance drone, some of their cars and a tour of the base and of course they drove the Prison Bus on Base...

Making one more stop at a Local Fire House to say hi and thank they crews for their work in the community was important to Farmtruck before the big race!

Tucson Dragway was ready for Farmageddon with Dragracing, A Burnout Pit, Autographs, RC Car Races and plenty of fun for the whole family!

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