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Summit Series Team Race #1 In The Books!

What a great day of racing at Tucson Dragway! Below are the results from today’s first Summit race. Points will be released soon!

Super ProWinner- Rich LashRunner-up Brian Lopez

ProWinner-Jordan Jordan HartRunner-up- Tim Debrocke

SportsmanWinner- Jordan HartRunner-up-Larry Bargman

MotorcycleWinner- Tom PattersonRunner-up- John Coburn

Junior Dragster Ages 6 - 12Winner- Allison BolleRunner-up- TJ Ward

#1 qualifier Khloe Darby

Junior Dragster Ages 13 - 17Winner-Dylan MoodyRunner-up- Jordan Rainwater

#1 qualifier Connor Murphy

Congratulations to our winners and runner ups In the High School category, Ryan Edwards from Chandler Az, representing Dobson High School took the win over Joe Shields from Marana Az, representing Marana High School.

In Jr. Street Kyle V. Took the win over Becca B. In a close final round!!!

Congratulations to Charlie Edwards on her Win and taking #1 Qualifier, and to Weston Moody on his Runner-up finish!

Congratulations to our first 50/50 winners for the 2020 Tucson Dragway Race Team....Jeff King and Pat Marback!!! Thanks to everyone for supporting our 50/50 fundraiser!

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1 commentaire

Had a great day of racing at the first team Race. Met some really nice people I hope to see again. Was fortunate enough to see Jordan Hart take first place in sportsman and pro.

Congrats to Jordan!

Evenn though I lost second round I spent a little time helping out another driver who was having trouble with his car. I got it set up for him to run a little better. Although he was out for the day he did get to run it later on in test and tune where he turned the quickest time ever in his car. I was excited for him even though I might race him at a later date at least it wi…

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