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Summit Series Team Race #3 & Points!

Team Tucson Summit Series Race #3 ran yesterday! Thank you everyone for a great race day! Class winners are below and Points will be posted this week when completed.

Super Pro Winner: Scott Sturm

Super Pro Runner-Up: Mike Zimmerman

Pro Winner: Leno Cimarolli

Pro Runner-Up: Jeff Sefranek

Sportsman Winner: Brad Hawk

Sportsman Runner-Up: David Muller

Motorcycle Winner: Mark Neidich

Motorcycle Runner-Up: John Coburn

High School Winner: Becca Bopp

High School Runner-Up: Ryan Edwards

Junior Street Winner: Kade Renoll

Junior Street Runner-Up: Hailey Bopp

Junior Dragsters 6 - 12 Winner: Allison Bolle

Junior Dragsters 6 - 12 Runner-Up: Parker Schroeder

Junior Dragsters 13 - 17 Winner: Dylan Moody

Junior Dragsters 13 - 17 Runner-Up: Jillian Slade

Big Wheels Race Winner: Charlie Edwards

Big Wheels Race Runner-Up: Gracie Slade

Super Pro Run For The Money Winner: Chuck Hawk

Pro Run For The Money Winner: Tim O'Moore

Sportsman Run For The Money Winner: Jonathon Graham

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