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Team Tucson Points After Race #4!

Another race weekend in the books! Our first night race of the season had 176 in the lanes for first round. Below are the results for race #4 for big cars and race #6 for Juniors along with the updated points!

Super Pro

Winner- Don Delene Toia

Runner up- Bill Kidd


Winner- Brad Hawk

Runner up- Victor Sandoval


Winner- Mitch Baker

Runner up- Jordan M Hart


Winner- Eric Jaquith

Runner up- David Oller

High School

Winner-Ryan Edwards

Runner up- Tripp Breitkreitz

Jr. Street

Winner-Kade Renoll

Runner up- Aubree Totten

Jr Dragster 6-12

Winner- Allison Bolle

Runner up- Parker Schroeder

Jr Dragster 13-17

Winner- Dorothy Fleetwood

Runner up- Kade Renoll

Big Wheels

Winner- Charlie Edwards

Runner up- Kyla Pesqueira-Trujillo

Run for the Money winners

Sportsman- Steve Watkins

Pro-Alfred Alfred Polito

Super Pro- Howard Gerstel

Jr Dragster 6-12- Jace Renoll

Jr Dragster 13-17- Sarah Kidd

Best losing Package 6-12- Ryker Rojel

Best losing package 13-17 Jillian Slade

Congrats to everyone! We will see you for our next race on June 5th. Points are listed below!

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