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Team Tucson Race #2 Results!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Team Tucson Race Number 2 is in the books and the results are below! Additional photos will be at and Team Points will be at soon!

Super Pro Winner: Larry Cannon

Super Pro Runner-Up: Joe Kidd

Pro Winner: Tim O'Moore

Pro Runner-Up: Mark Johns

Sportsman Winner: Greg Fleetwood

Sportsman Runner-Up: Jason Kentzel

Motorcycle Winner: Sean Phipps

Motorcycle Runner-Up: Marlee Woolison

High School Winner: Rebecca Bopp

High School Runner-Up: Tripp Breitkreitz

Junior Street Winner: Hailey Bopp

Junior Street Runner-Up: Sarah Kidd

6-12 Junior Dragster Winner: Jace Renoll

6-12 Junior Dragster Runner-Up: Allison Bolle

13-17 Junior Dragster Winner: McKenzie Jones

13-17 Junior Dragster Runner-Up: Austin Axtell

Big Wheel Winner: Adrain Zaragoza

Big Wheel Runner-Up: Willow Madril

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