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Tucson Dragway Announces Updates & Upgrades to EMS & Rescue Team!

Updated: May 31, 2021

Tucson Dragway is honored to announce some major updates and upgrades to their Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Team. Tucson Dragway has been working hard and already begun additional training for their EMS and Rescue Team through Corona de Tucson Fire. “We are proud to support Tucson Dragway with collaborative training as they further their commitment to the public and racers safety.” Says Captain Shaun Holm, Corona de Tucson Fire. Along with new policies, procedures and support form newly updated Base Hospital St. Joseph’s, a Carondelet Health Network Hospital.

“We have been thankful for the working relationships we have with Corona De Tucson Fire, AMR and Arizona LifeLine. Taking the next steps to step up in the care we provide to our Race Community has been important to us, which is why we are so excited for these additions to our Track Family here at Tucson Dragway.” Says Matt DeYoung, Tucson Dragway Track Manager. “Corona de Tucson Fire is very pleased to work collaboratively with Tucson Dragway raising the bar on track safety, medical and rescue training for its personnel. This ensures that the highest level of preparedness is in place for fans and racers at the upcoming events…” Chief Simon Davis, Corona de Tucson Fire.

Everyone knows racing is a dangerous sport and a number of problems can go wrong at any time both on and off track. The tracks goal is to be ready to serve the people that they host on a regular basis with emergency medical services as needed. Tucson Dragway works with AMR of Southern Arizona to ensure patients are transported with the best care to the appropriate hospital. “AMR works very closely with all these partners to provide medical services and transportation from the Dragstrip. We are thankful for this groups commitment and dedication to Southern Arizona and the communities they all serve.” Says James Stoltenberg, AMR Operations Manger of Southern Arizona

Tucson Dragway hosted an Emergency Landing Zone Training Course for both their Tucson Dragway Rescue Crew and Other Agencies they work with in the community. This course was the first of many multi-agency trainings set to take place. “Seeing AMR, Arizona LifeLine, Corona de Tucson Fire, Elephant Head Fire and J3 Contracting all working with our Tucson Dragway Rescue Crew is such a great strong sign for our racing community.” Says Jim Hughes, Owner of Tucson Dragway.

Arizona LifeLine has been in the air and ready to support Tucson Dragway during any incident needed. They never hesitate to tell the track staff call for support, they will be there and ready. “We are very proud to be part of the Tucson Dragway family. Over the years, Tucson Dragway has remained dedicated to driver and spectator safety. The Track has always been committed to collaborative training with air and ground providers to keep our skills sharp in this unique and thrilling environment.” Greg Featherston, Arizona LifeLine

The Track has always had a safety mindset and have tried to provide a safe race facility as often as they can but knowing accidents happen, having St. Joesph’s step up as the new Base Hospital just shows the steps Tucson Dragway wants to take in the future with their EMS and Rescue Crew. “Throughout our history, the Carondelet Health Network Base Hospital Program has been a leader in emergency medical services (EMS), both at the local and state levels.  One of the longest servicing base hospital programs in Southern Arizona, ours is proud of the work we do in partnership with multiple outstanding EMS agencies.  Indeed, we strive to provide exceptional medical direction, base hospital administrative oversight, training and continuing education for a significant number of our regional EMS organizations, including our newest community partner, Tucson Dragway EMS & Rescue Crew!” Says Bruce Whitney, EMS Liaison and Pre-Hospital Manager at Carondelet Health.

Tucson Dragway would like to thank everyone that’s been involved in the last couple months to help update and upgrade their training, protocols and procedures to offer the next level of care on someones worst day at the track.

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