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Tucson Dragway COVID-19 Procedures and Guidelines

We at Tucson Dragway have been working hard with Pima County and The State of Arizona to take proper precautions to try to keep our Racers, Crews, Spectators and Family as safe as possible while you are visiting Tucson Dragway. Below are the guidelines and procedures that we will all be following as we begin to reopen the dragstrip. Thank you for your full cooperation during this time. Please remember these guidelines and procedures are being put in place to try to keep everyone safe and healthy. Tucson Dragway encourages everyone to follow the CDC, State and Counties Health Guidelines and continue to social distance as often as they can. We will be cleaning and sanitizing High Traffic and High Touched Areas often. Ticketing & Front Gate Procedures -The Drive-Up Ticket Kiosk will be open from the far right lane. -Pull up to the kiosk and stay in your vehicle. -Our Ticketing Staff will help you right from your vehicle and get you any Tech Cards, Crew Bands or Passes you need. -If you still wish to use the Walk-Up Windows at the Main Ticket Booth you may do so by Parking in the Parking Lot next to ticketing and walk up to the windows. -There will be lines on the ground to help you remember to see social distancing from the person in front of you in line. -Once you have your Tech Cards, Crew Bands or Passes please pull through the main gate. -Please do not socialize or hangout around ticketing or the main gate. Parking & Pit Parking Procedures -Racers will be asked to park with one pit space between you and your neighbor. -Racers you should remain in your pit area with your crew unless going to use the restroom, wash your hands or getting ready to go up to the lanes to run. -Crew Members you should park in your racers pit spot if there is room, if not please park in the gravel around the pits NOT in the spots in-between the racers. Those need to stay open to show a clear separation. -Spectators (when allowed to return to the track) will part outside like normal in the spectator lot. Tech Inspection Procedures -Racers once you arrive at tech please stay in your vehicle or next to the drivers side of your vehicle. -Please have your safety gear on the back deck lid or trunk of your car ready for the tech inspector to look at. -Please have your tech card already filed out and signed by yourself. -Once your car has passed or failed tech please return to your pit spot. -Please remember that tech is not a social gathering area. Please get your items ready for inspection, stay next to your vehicle, get teched and return to your pit. Staging & Starting Line Procedures -Racers please listen closely to your calls to the staging lanes. The Track will be making lane calls slightly different now. -Calls will be made to there is only two classes of cars in the lanes at a time. (Lanes 2 & 4 and Lanes 6 & 8) We know this will slow down the program a little bit but we will work our best to make sure this flows well. -When in the lanes please stay in your cars or next to your car. -Check your tire pressure and what not but please remember this time is to get your car ready for your run, get suited up and race. Please do not go car to car to socialize. -Your Crew Members can be with you around your car only. -Once you pull up to the starting line your crew can go up with you but Must return to your pit once the car they are crewing has gone down the track. -Racers, Crew and Family should not hang out, congregate or socialize around the starting line. -If you have a problem please speak to The Staging Lanes Director or The Starting Line Staff but please remember to stay six feet apart. Time Slips Procedures -Time Slips will still be handed out in the normal area at the Top End of the track. -Our Time Slip Person will have them for you on an extender with a Clothes Pin attached to it so we continue to social distance as best as we can.  Tucson Dragway Tower Procedures -At this time the Tucson Dragway Tower is closed to everyone expect our Tucson Dragway Staff. -If you need to speak to someone or have a question for the tower staff please knock on the door and someone will meet you outside to answer any questions you have. Tucson Dragway Winners Circle Procedures -When you win a race you can still pull your vehicle and crew in front of the tower for your photos! -Please keep it to your family and your crew only. Concession Stand & Track Bar Procedures -When the track opens back up for spectators the Tucson Dragway Concession Stand and Bar will as well. -When in line please use the lines on the ground to stay at least six feet apart from the person in front and behind you. -The Concession Stand Team will have everything made in the concession stand with the normal Gloves, Mask and Safety Precautions the County Health Department has put in place. -Once you have your food condiments will be individually packaged for easy grab-n-go access. -You may sit at our bar or tables but please sit only with your crew and family only. -The tables and bar will be cleaned and sanitized regularly by our Tucson Dragway Team. Restroom Procedures -Our track restrooms will be open for use along with the normal Porta Johns around the property. -Please remember to practice social distancing while in the restroom. -Please do not stand in lines where you are closer than six feet away from each other (inside or outside the restrooms) -They will be cleaned and sanitized often per the CDC and The Counties Health Guidelines. COVID-19 Warning and Assumption of Risk: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists where people are present in any public place. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can cause severe illness and even death. According to The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and people with underlying health or medical conditions are especially vulnerable. When you visit Tucson Dragway, you are voluntarily assuming all risk related to the exposure of COVID-19. If you are feeling unwell, please consider joining us later for a different event. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

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