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Tucson Dragway Hosts Club Weekend & Quick 32 Race!

Tucson Dragway hosted a Club Race Weekend and a Quick 32 Class this last weekend! Racers from around the Southwest joined in on the Action! Jim Hughes and Tucson Dragway hosted a Racer Appreciation BBQ Dinner on Saturday Night for the racers and crew and to honor the Mom's that were in attendance, every mom received a flower from the Track!

The Quick 32 class raced for $2,000 and Cindy Hawk took home the money! Saturday ADRA, American DragCar, R1320 and the Phoenix Area Drag Racers groups all raced in the morning! The weather forecast did not look promising for Sunday so the Racing Clubs decided to make Saturday's race a double header and race into the evening!

In the Quick 32 Class Gene Igo was the Fastest Qualified Car in the field on Saturday running a 6.53 at 215MPH! Cindy Hawk pulled off the victory running a 7.75 at 170MPH against Don Toia's 7.824 at 162MPH!

ADRA Results: Race 6 Results: Pro Final: Mitch Baker took the win while dialed a 12.06 and ran 12.093 with a reaction time of .064 against Mark Johns who dialed a 10.31 and ran 14.270 and went red. Super Pro Final: Chuck Hawk JR took the win while dialed a 10.88 and ran 10.904 with a reaction time of .050 against Shawn Duberville who dialed a 7.88 and ran a 7.84 with a .068 reaction time.

Race 7 Results: Pro Final: Brad Akers took the win while dialed a 10.70 and ran 10.739 with a reaction time of .034 against Mark Pelkey who dialed a 11.86 and ran 11.869 and went red. Super Pro Final: Bill Kidd took the win while dialed a 10.84 and ran 10.837 with a reaction time of .011 against Doug Fleetwood who dialed a 10.88 and ran a 10.853 with a .008 reaction time.

American DragCar Results: Race 1 Results: SportComp Winner was Mike Gardner and the Runner-Up was Marvin Wolfmeier. TopComp Winner was Ron Shelly and the Runner-Up was Dylan Smith. CompStar Showdown Winner was Ron Shelly.

7.50 660 Shootout Class Winner was Michael Porter and the Runner-Up was Kyle Holbrook. 7.00 660 Shootout Class Winner was Gary Cope and the Runner-Up was Brad Akers. Super 660 Highbinder Showdown Winner was Gary Cope.

Race 2 Results: SportComp Winner was Jeff Sefranek and the Runner-Up was Scott Gibson. TopComp Winner was Dylan Smith and the Runner-Up was Mike O'Donnell. CompStar Showdown - You can call it a draw Matt, Jeff Sefranek won the race but ran under-index so Smith took the round points and the money was split.

Phoenix Area Drag Racers Results: PADR1320's Best Package Race 1st: Jason Kentzel, Dial: 13.46, RT: 0.000 ET: 13.526, Pkg: 0.066 2nd: Ray Lewis, Dial: 14.53, RT: .018, ET: 14.581, Pkg: 0.069 3rd: Natalie Graham, Dial: 13.88, RT: .144, ET: 13.902, Pkg: 0.168

R1320 Results: For Friday's race the winner was Jamal Brewer in his 2004 dodge neon srt4. Carl Mapes was runner up thanks to be impatient with a .001 red light in his 2018 Subaru WRX STI.

Saturday's race saw 2 different racers in the final with Clement De Large taking the win in his 1981 Chevy El Camino over Phil Rios. Phil was also a runner up due to red light festivities with his 1987 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z.

Arizona Super Gas Results: Coming Soon!

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