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Tucson Dragway Racers at Pima Air's Night Wings

Is there anything better than Race Cars and Airplanes?! Several Tucson Dragway Racers brought their cars to display during Pima Air & Space's Night Wings!

Tucson Dragway brought out Funny Cars, Dragsters, Hot Rods, Classics, Motorcycles, Junior Dragsters and even a Vintage Sprint Car from the 30's for people to get up close and personal with while wandering around the museum! This cool pairing of Automobiles and Aircraft made for a night of photo opportunity's for enthusiasts of Planes and Cars!

Pima Air & Space is a very hands on facility for kids of all ages so naturally Scaled Down Tucson Dragway was set up and ready for kids of all ages to race!

Tucson Dragway would like to thank all the racers that brought their cars out for this unique display! We look forward to more around Tucson soon!

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